Tuesday, December 6, 2011

new edition...

I can't believe it's December! Where did the year go? No really....where? Because it was summer yesterday. Just sayin'. We've been working a lot on re-branding ourselves and getting our marketing together, and have made new additions to our team. Which I may say I'm really excited about, and we aren't done adding yet either.  I did do an outfit today, one warm and makes you feel like it's not so sad outside. I love spring and fall, so winter and summer are real bummers for me. I'm too hot or way way to cold. So why not at least look fashionable while doing it, that way you can at least feel somewhat better. How has everyone else been? What are you looking forward as we cruise full speed at towards the new year?

Many things are happening right now, and we are trying to keep up. Conventions and trade shows oh my!

Masa Yume ^_^

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