Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Chicago Trip and Update...

Sorry the first one did something funny mailed from my phone.
So the trip to Chicago was a bust :( however we had a good time. Although the taxi had no clue where he was going and I had to let me know he missed the turn lol it was still fun. We were all wiped and slaphappy by the time we got on the train home.

So I am taking another route when it comes to getting fabric. Found a pattern maker an manufacturer in Lansing, Michigan! Michigan Proto will be taking care of me and they are already proving to be amazing. Spring/Summer will be an amazing accomplishment through everything the brand has been threw.

So coming up in a couple of week is Shuto Con. We've been preparing for it since January and we hope to see you there. I love anime and can wait to take some really cool and funky accessories and tees to the show. If you haven't bought your ticket you should or you can pay at the door!

Alright I'm off. Have a few errands to run later. I'm getting another table for the studio and picking up more supplies at Jo-Ann fabrics!

Later <3

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