Friday, January 28, 2011

signs, posters, and cards OH MY!

^_^ I soooo out of breath! I just ran across the street of the studio to see if the sign was visible enough! AND IT ISSSS!  With holiday at my part time (not part time hours) and trying to recover when I'm done there, it has been a large struggle to be able to get what I need to get done or  to even get there. SO I made some much needed changes and....I SOOO HAPPY! So I ordered the signage for the studio (located on the corner of grand river and abbott) and some more business cards. Vista biffed my first ones and they corrected so now my cards are AMAZING! We will be showing at Shuto Con this March with a booth set up (D9). There are great things coming this year and I'm so happy and blessed that it's finally happening. I will be taking pictures and it'll be in the following post, of the sign and other things. I will put a look up next week and another post. Oh by the way Vault of Midnight are now carrying Masa Yume graphic tees, so if you are down there stop by. It's an amazing shop!

Special thanks to Bread Winner Beats & Graphics for A-MAA-ZAAA-INNNNGGGGGG!!! graphics for my business cards!

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