Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidaysssss tooo youuuuuuu...

I'm off for the holiday weekend and will not be back until Monday, so you are getting you Happy Holiday now. I hope everyone has a great holiday and are safe if they are traveling. Like I mentioned we do have a new addition to the Masa Yume crew. In fact we have two. NO! No one had babies lol, we have new staff members lol. SO a warm welcome to our Stylist and PR person Soojin Kim! I've known her for years and she has always had warm words of awesomeness as well as having a great eye for fashion and amazing in her PR-ness...yep, we just make up words here. Also another addition is Holly Schalk! She has been modeling Masa Yume for years as well, and she is definitely a ride or die model. Even when I made her do a photo shoot in the middle of winter in a skirt and tank top, she went out there and did her thing. I love that she is our main face and she has an all around good look. Welcome ladies!!!

Alright, now for your Christmas/Holiday present...yes yes I did get you something. And yes something besides free shipping and free gift wrapping. I did a look for this weekend lol...whaaaa???

Happy Holidays!

HAPPY CHANUKAH! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! HAPPY YULE!!! MELE KALIKIMAKA!!! and if I missed any, I'm sorry. I wish everyone HAPPY HOLIDAY.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

new edition...

I can't believe it's December! Where did the year go? No really....where? Because it was summer yesterday. Just sayin'. We've been working a lot on re-branding ourselves and getting our marketing together, and have made new additions to our team. Which I may say I'm really excited about, and we aren't done adding yet either.  I did do an outfit today, one warm and makes you feel like it's not so sad outside. I love spring and fall, so winter and summer are real bummers for me. I'm too hot or way way to cold. So why not at least look fashionable while doing it, that way you can at least feel somewhat better. How has everyone else been? What are you looking forward as we cruise full speed at towards the new year?

Many things are happening right now, and we are trying to keep up. Conventions and trade shows oh my!

Masa Yume ^_^

Thursday, October 13, 2011


The weather dropped today! YAYY!!! By no means am I saying I like winter, in fact I dislike it more than words lol. However I LOVE LOVE LOVE fall! Now it feels like it! SO excited! I realized sitting on the couch yesterday next to the hubby, that my birthday is coming up next month...So I think I may throw myself a birthday party. Anyway's moving on, I did a look to show the drop in weather. I love the look, to me it's minimal and with the earrings and skulls you can think about Halloween (my favorite holiday) and still be cute and comfy.

keeping it simple

Did anyone catch Beyonce's new video that came out his month? I like it a lot! I watched it a few times when they first posted it! Everyone should take a look. I love the color of her hair, I was wondering how much longer she was going to stay blonde. It doesn't look bad, I was thinking it was time for a change personally.

I'm of course watching this video over and over again as we speak. I really need to go out and buy the album. I hope everyone is having a good week!!! Talk to you soon ^_^

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Spring|Summer 2012 and website, oh my!

So in the look below I added just a little of color. I love love love green and I love how vibrant that the one below happens to be, so I didn't add as much as you normal would when accenting an outfit with color. I love the look, it's comfortable and chic all at the same time. I also feel IN LOVE with the boots. Also if you haven't checked it out yet, you should spin by our website, since it is finally done lol. Also if you go under collections, you will find out Spring|Summer 2012! Yes it is out! In the next week or two we will also be doing more shots with it. Super busy and excited all over! Thanks for hanging in there, I know I didn't blog for a few months. Enjoy the look and let us know if you're digging the new line.

just a little bit

3 1 Phillip Lim punk rock dress, €153
Mango blazer, €50
McQ by Alexander McQueen draped pants, $176
Gucci shoes, $969
Bottega Veneta clutch hand bag, $1,220
Oasis cuff jewelry, £5
H M cuff jewelry
Betsey Johnson bow jewelry, $18
White gold jewelry, $200
Sydney evan jewelry, $900
Sunglasses, £65
Hair clip accessory, $4.99
Lancome 'Juicy Tubes Smoothie' Ultra Shiny Lip Gloss Coral Rush One..., $18

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Yummy outfit that I wish I owned is below lol. Masa Yume has finished it's look book! You can see our facebook fanpage photo for a sneaky peaky. I can't show what the pieces are yet, but yes they are amazing and comfortable. The shoot had the models petting themselves and wishing they could take it home. I made them sad that it wasn't available this year. But they will be first in line when it comes out I'm sure. I am constantly trying to better our main webpage to make it look better lol. Besides that, I've been working my tuckus off on the line and now will be designing the last few pieces for fall next year as well. I'm super excited that out of this amazing s/s line I will now have a few signature pieces that will be in the coming lines as well. I hope everyone is doing alright and are excited as well for when I can finally debut the line. ^_^

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My first bento box!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Yes, it's true. I did take this picture behind your back on my way to eat amazing sushi! Mario forever!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

In case I wasn't clear lol the place is called DOUBLE UP


Tuesday, April 19, 2011


It was sooo rainy today...and I LOVED it! I love this time of year, this and fall. I did an outfit today today...I believe my first of the year..........:paper bag blowing in the moving on.

TopShop cotton tank
$36 -

Costume national
$1,300 -

Mek Denim slim jeans
$70 -

FOSSIL vintage bag
$109 -

River Island flower jewelry
5.99 GBP -

Dominic Jones rose gold jewelry
455 GBP -

Printed umbrella
$34 -

68 GBP -

lots of yummy above...let me know you think of the outfit. and what you would like to see posted on the blog in the near future here. Thanks a bunch for continue to follow!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

shuto con part two?

okay...I know...I've been naughty...for sommmmmeeee reason beyond me, blogspot or my internet does not want to upload my fabulous maybe i'll put up a video slide show on youtube. sorry loves...

On another front of fun! The spring/summer 2012 line is coming along nicely. The patterns are done and now we are just waiting of the fabrics to come in. I'm soooo excited! From there we will do a look book! I'm looking forward to it, and I'll even give a sneak peek...if you're good. ^_^ 

Friday, March 25, 2011

shuto con part one

The first day at Shuto Con was lonnngggg...mostly because I've been up since 7:30 this morning ^_^. however this being our first anime convention to got to, and the first to have a table at it was a lot of fun. It was great to see all of the cosplay outfits and how much people put into their costumes and that people are very very inventive when trying to get there vision across. They want the character to be perfect. Pictures are to come later. If you want to see some now you can look on our facebook fanpage.

^_^ Night!

Shuto Con Prep

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The future lol

Got a visit today from photographer Jean George and her little friend Ryan. He commandeered my new desk and designed circles all over the paper with purple marker. But only before painting his nails and palms with the purple marker ^_^!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Chicago Trip and Update...

Sorry the first one did something funny mailed from my phone.
So the trip to Chicago was a bust :( however we had a good time. Although the taxi had no clue where he was going and I had to let me know he missed the turn lol it was still fun. We were all wiped and slaphappy by the time we got on the train home.

So I am taking another route when it comes to getting fabric. Found a pattern maker an manufacturer in Lansing, Michigan! Michigan Proto will be taking care of me and they are already proving to be amazing. Spring/Summer will be an amazing accomplishment through everything the brand has been threw.

So coming up in a couple of week is Shuto Con. We've been preparing for it since January and we hope to see you there. I love anime and can wait to take some really cool and funky accessories and tees to the show. If you haven't bought your ticket you should or you can pay at the door!

Alright I'm off. Have a few errands to run later. I'm getting another table for the studio and picking up more supplies at Jo-Ann fabrics!

Later <3

Chicago trip plus an update

So the trip to Chicago was a bust :( however we had a good time. Although the taxi had no clue where he was going and I had to let me know he missed the turn lol it was still fun. We were all wiped and slaphappy by the time we got on the train home.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Friday, January 28, 2011

signs, posters, and cards OH MY!

^_^ I soooo out of breath! I just ran across the street of the studio to see if the sign was visible enough! AND IT ISSSS!  With holiday at my part time (not part time hours) and trying to recover when I'm done there, it has been a large struggle to be able to get what I need to get done or  to even get there. SO I made some much needed changes and....I SOOO HAPPY! So I ordered the signage for the studio (located on the corner of grand river and abbott) and some more business cards. Vista biffed my first ones and they corrected so now my cards are AMAZING! We will be showing at Shuto Con this March with a booth set up (D9). There are great things coming this year and I'm so happy and blessed that it's finally happening. I will be taking pictures and it'll be in the following post, of the sign and other things. I will put a look up next week and another post. Oh by the way Vault of Midnight are now carrying Masa Yume graphic tees, so if you are down there stop by. It's an amazing shop!

Special thanks to Bread Winner Beats & Graphics for A-MAA-ZAAA-INNNNGGGGGG!!! graphics for my business cards!

Saturday, January 1, 2011


HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!!!!!! Today brings a New Year and amazing year! I'm so excited and I hope that you all are too!!!