Thursday, November 18, 2010


So it's official! WE HAVE STUDIO SPACE!!! Today was an amazing day. It's been three months since I've had one and December since that lol...Noting the day I got engaged and married :D hehehehe. So anyway. I got the space settled this morning and then picked up my car which I've been without for at least three months now. I'm very very very excited. So I will be posting pictures as I move along with the space trying to make it public ready. I did run into a set back today with colors and have to repaint a wall a different color...I wonder how that will work out for me...hmmmm...yeah so tomorrow is a long day ahead as well. I'm getting up butt crack of dawn early to go grab a ladder from my in-laws house (since I'm short and can't reach where I need to paint) and back to the studio to coat all the walls. Basically I'll be running from 7 til sometime after 3...maybe...a very big maybe... I'm so happy though it doesn't matter ^_^. I hope everyone else has had a great week. Oh side note: the grant with east lansing didn't work because they don't consider fashion art and I don't think I was what they were "looking" for as a human being...but they can take that and watch me do my happy dance in my new spot...WOOT!

So come by and see me if you're in east lansing! the studio is located at

210 Abbott Rd. Suite 32

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