Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Studio

It's coming along. I just got home, my friend Nicole and I were
putting on some finishing touches. Sadly a mirror was hurt in the
process. The shelf broke it so it was neither of us and we will
continue to have good luck. ^_~ I start the coat I've been wanting to
make tomorrow before I go to work. This week is going to be insanely
busy and my birthday is on Saturday and sadly I work :shakes fist:
Well I'm off to bed so I can be ready to jump in the fray. Night all!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


So it's official! WE HAVE STUDIO SPACE!!! Today was an amazing day. It's been three months since I've had one and December since that lol...Noting the day I got engaged and married :D hehehehe. So anyway. I got the space settled this morning and then picked up my car which I've been without for at least three months now. I'm very very very excited. So I will be posting pictures as I move along with the space trying to make it public ready. I did run into a set back today with colors and have to repaint a wall a different color...I wonder how that will work out for me...hmmmm...yeah so tomorrow is a long day ahead as well. I'm getting up butt crack of dawn early to go grab a ladder from my in-laws house (since I'm short and can't reach where I need to paint) and back to the studio to coat all the walls. Basically I'll be running from 7 til sometime after 3...maybe...a very big maybe... I'm so happy though it doesn't matter ^_^. I hope everyone else has had a great week. Oh side note: the grant with east lansing didn't work because they don't consider fashion art and I don't think I was what they were "looking" for as a human being...but they can take that and watch me do my happy dance in my new spot...WOOT!

So come by and see me if you're in east lansing! the studio is located at

210 Abbott Rd. Suite 32

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

your shoes are on fire!

I have the song Sex on Fire stuck in my head. And the shoes in the look below are sex on a stick. Love themmmm. I found out today the news about the grant I was after. I love how the city pulled all the crap they did and set me up with a meeting of someone who they "value her opinion" and was uber unprofessional. So that was a good portion of my day, licking my wounds and soothing my anger about the whole situation. I talked to a couple of friends of mine and then my aunt and cousin who was like go around it after my very colorful facebook update. My hubby being amazing let me cuddle so I could go to sleep for a bit.

So after my tirade I went to IHop by myself and had some yummy grub from my favorite server. Mostly since she is the one I usually get when I go there, she knows my name and I know hers. She loves fashion and will go anywhere to get the good stuff lol. I then went downtown after the food smothered a good portion of the fire I was feeling and went to the site of the studio I was trying to get. I went up tried to look through the peephole lol (stalker) and walked down the hall to the sign makers there. After meeting the amazing owner, sharing the story of my day (yeah I know), and realizing the whole thing was not my imagination of nonprofessional from the person from outside the situation. She told me that I needed to keep going and screw what that lady said. We both laughed as I told her that was pretty much what I told her. I told her that even though she wanted more words on paper it doesn't matter, I will still go forth and her opinion doesn't matter. So alas the grant is most likely not going to happen and that's fine, that way I can run my business the way it needs to be and the way I want it. Not the way they think it needs to be cause they have their own ideas about it. Works out!

My spirits are up and now I'm looking for help on getting the studio space so I can get some work done. Thanks to my husband taking up most of the sewing room. If you can really call it that anymore since there is really no room at all. Until that happens I will be working mainly on accessories, which really doesn't require much space. So socks for this christmas, some with bows, some with ribbon. As well as soft long scarves to go with. I will post them when they are done to my ETSY, and I will do bundle pricing for those who want both. So on to the look. I really love the shoes coat and purse. nom nom nom lol. Thanks for following! Masa Yume is going to need your support =)  Later folks! ^_^

Monday, November 8, 2010

Antwon from store meeting. Lovin this look!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Blue Suede Shoes

Hello! So I have been up to all types of shinny things lately (crosses fingers). The main reason for my absence is the fact that I am going for a grant in east lansing that is designed to help those get a leg up on their business. It's been a month and a half and teeth pulling craziness. I have one last step (technically the same step they have me repeat over adn over again even after being completed and with no valid reasoning) and hopefully I'll be on my way. I've been working very hard on my brand over the years and it's time for this very important step. I will hopefully be getting the studio that has been hanging out in East Lansing so people have a place to come and see me and such. I have to do some more nit picky things tomorrow and then hopefully they will stop stalling and finally say okay here we go. So that is what has been going on with that more or less, mainly less. Depending on what happens you'll here evverryyything  lol.

SO moving on. I did an outfit. Yes after weeks without one I did one. It was mostly inspired on my day tomorrow. I need to look picture perfect and meeting appropiate and I love this look. The strong hint of color in the shoes, the long dress like trench, and the slightly color accessories and makeup. One of the things I've noticed for this fall is that some of the trenches are still classic but there are some designers (like myself) who are playing with the structure a bit. Making them look more like a dress or just giving different cuts to the coats all together. I myself have not finished my coat and not even have gotten started. I have been so consumed with the grant that even my friends and family have wondered where I've gone. I told my friend earlier that my life is like the Sims game, I'm hitting the fast forward button so I can get to where I need to be. I don't like to be stalled or made to wait for whatever reason it's being done and I have things to do. I want to go forth and do (more) great things. And that is what I intend to do.

I would love to get more comments from you guys as well. I find when they hit my inbox, I do a small happy dance that someone has read and either liked or disliked the post. So please keep them coming, helps me think I'm not talking to myself...even though I have been known to do that too. So I have two meetings tomorrow before I go to work and hopefully both with bode great things. I leave you with the thoughts of the outfit and hopefully you sending good juju my way for the grant. Be back later this week! I am off to wash my hair, watch Sherlock Holmes on PBS and make spaghetti for dinner. =D