Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Winna is!!!

The winner of the contest was Si out in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She was the
only one who actually entered. I'm happy someone did, I would have
been a sad panda lol. So Si did post on her facebook when she got the
goodies and loved them. She requested that I send more hi-chew candy
in the next contest we throw and wins lol. She loves the shirt as do
numerous others who have been buying them. Thank you all for your
support it the brand. I will be looking for your continued support in
the future as some of the changes I have been trying to make come to a
head. Alright I'm off I have some outfits to post in the next blog
along with a trend forecast and what you can look forward to masa
yumes fall 2011 looking like. Bwah ha ha. Happy Halloweeeeennnnn!!!

The top 2 are my husband's pumpkins and the bottom one is mine. I'm big on tradition Halloween is my favorite holiday. My husband didn't use to be real big on the pumpkin carving, then I've noticed the last couple of years, he's really diggin it. Last year (in my archives) he did some really eillabrate(sorry about my spelling) pumpkins. This year he's gone amuc! He's doing four and is looking for a perfect green light for his michigan state inspired pumpkins. I love how excited he gets about it, and I can tell he's trying to stay calm lol. So I did an headless horseman and made 4 batches of my beloved pumpkin seeds. This year I did the regular ones I do, and a spicy batch. Both oh so yummy. The hubby is working on one of his msu pumpkins as I type. I will post the winner of the contest in the next entry. Sorry I didn't put it up sooner. Only one person won and they know who they are lol. I've been very m.i.a due to trying to get this studio worked out. Hopefully I'll have news for you guys on Tuesday evening. Let me tell you it's driving me nuts lol. So I hope everyone has a safe and great Halloween! Talk to you soon, doves.

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Masa Yume happy customer!