Thursday, September 30, 2010


   So my surprise (drum roll please) is Masa Yume's first graphic tees. A friend of mine is an amazing artist, and on the way home from work one night I called her all frantic like. "Rachel! I have an awesome idea for a shirt!" blah blah blah scream scream scream flale flale flale "Can you draw it for me?!" Rachel was just as excited as I was (am) and she was all for it. So THANK YOU RACHEL!!! aka Roo hehehe. I hope you all like the shirts. I will be posting them to the etsy site shortly and they will be available there. 

   So that brings me to the other part of my post. Masa Yume's first blog contest! Woot! The winner will win the pictured "taking leaps tee" and a couple other things I'm going to throw into it :D. All you have to do is:

1. Follow my blog and/or facebook fan page.
2. Post a link to Masa Yume's blog in a blog post or twitter.
3. Comment below so I can check out your wonderful blog or twitter, your twitter or email address,
why you like this blog and wish to see in the future, and your shirt size.
Don't forget your name so I can contact you after the contest has closed if you've won! I will post the winner after I have contacted them to let them know they won. If I don't hear back from the winner after a week I will pick a new one.

Thanks for following! The contest will run from now (Sept. 30) through October 8th. 

Taking Leaps off the Edge of Fashion


Si said...

I Like this blog because it lets me know whats going on with Masa Yume products. Im expecially looking forward to the branch of masa yume called MASA..let me know when that comes out. Im hoping to see in the future some MASA products or even pics of tee's that have been designed n waiting for press. shirt size: Medium

Kristin said...

Did you pick a winner? Who is it? I'm going to be following your blog now, so you'd better update! Give me a new post with what you're designing right now! Lots of love from your favorite secret agent.

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