Monday, April 5, 2010

The Sacrifices We Make for Fashion

I would like to preface this by saying, no, I don't mean wearing really uncomfortable shoes because they are ridiculously gorgeous (although did you see the shoes I got at Urban Outfitters the other day?! I KNOW, right?!).

I am more taking about the pure monetary cost of fashion, and the, let us say, opportunity costs of spending on fashion. Economics is required for me to graduate from college, so yes, I am trying to make it worth my time (and my money)!

The amount I spend on clothes is probably ridiculous to some people, yet a mere month's shoe budget to others. This is the whole point of spending on fashion, and really, anything in life. One must spend within one's means. I own 40 pairs of shoes! But I also don't have many expenses right now as a college student, and I am also not whipping out the plastic for a pair of Jimmy Choos (a girl can dream, though). I will also never be able to buy the Reem Acra dress to the left, but maybe I'll splash out when I get married in, y'know, 20 years (photo

Trying to go to Germany for the whole year is, well, expensive. It has made me reevaluate what I spend on fashion, and left me both working doubly hard to make money this summer. Especially as I am turning to buying higher quality clothes, the thirst for trends is still present in my life.

So how do I balance it? Poorly, sometimes, I must admit. The rule of no online shopping is something that I have stuck by, and it has helped a lot! I also do not have a credit card, so I know exactly how much I am spending at any time. I also opened a Certificate of Deposit at my local credit union, which I can open with as little as 5o dollars and add up to 5000 more! Since I can't touch that money, I am going to put as much into it as possible, and then I am not able to touch the money! Germany bound, baby! Anything beyond the set amount I put in my CD, and the set amount I put in a savings account is mine to spend, or save for something awesome.

I have also been checking out places like Gilt and Hautelook! I hope I can nab some of the brands I love for a lot cheaper this summer. If you want to join Gilt or Hautelook, click here or here!

The takeaway: even though I am a student with relatively few expenses, I still have to pinch my pennies! Fashion is something I love, and I know that as long as I stick to my financial plan and work more hours, I can make sure I get a good dose of what I love, and I hope you can too!

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