Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hello, My Name is Monica!

While traipsing through Macy's today I pass this really cool sequin vest, being worn by Monica. After stalking her for a full blown minute, I finally approached Monica and asked her where she got her oh so sweet vest. Which she promptly answered, "China."....Fail! But she was so sweet that she said she would help me get one. She was a very nice girl and with the help of my new IPhone and the Itranslate app I installed on it a couple days after I got it, we spoke easily. I sent her the photo since she likes it just as much as I do. So thank you Monica for the pic of your great outfit and letting me stalk you for 10 minutes. ^_^

I like that fact that she had fun with her look. Besides me going all chibi over her vest, I really liked that she had fun with this look. I'm not usually a big fan of plaid with other prints, however she made it work well. I hope to see you again miss Monica ^_^ have fun with your studies, I'm sure you'll do well. 

What are some of the prints that you like to see together? Leave us a comment below.

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