Friday, January 15, 2010

Lushae $5000 sweepstakes!

Hey Loves!

I'm defintely busy this year (all 15 days of it!) and I love it. What have all of you been doing this year so far? Well one of the things I have found this year is the Jewelry by LuShae sweepstakes...I stopped by her site and find her jewelry to be very cute. The best part is that there is a give away going on. To be more exact a $5000 blogger sweepstakes. You should stop by and take a look at what Lushae has to offer. I found a couple of pendants that I would love to have...

Crafted Circle Pendant    The LotusPurple Brilliance
images courtesy of Jewelry by LuShae

Hit the link below to stop by.


Stop and take a look. By the way the above pics are hints for my friends who stop by the blog occasionally and wonder what to get me as gifts lol...

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