Friday, January 15, 2010

Lushae $5000 sweepstakes!

Hey Loves!

I'm defintely busy this year (all 15 days of it!) and I love it. What have all of you been doing this year so far? Well one of the things I have found this year is the Jewelry by LuShae sweepstakes...I stopped by her site and find her jewelry to be very cute. The best part is that there is a give away going on. To be more exact a $5000 blogger sweepstakes. You should stop by and take a look at what Lushae has to offer. I found a couple of pendants that I would love to have...

Crafted Circle Pendant    The LotusPurple Brilliance
images courtesy of Jewelry by LuShae

Hit the link below to stop by.


Stop and take a look. By the way the above pics are hints for my friends who stop by the blog occasionally and wonder what to get me as gifts lol...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Happy New Year EVERYBODY!

So what are things that you have decided to do to make this year better than the last? Masa Yume is continueing its work towards growing into a oh so fabulous brand. I wanted to go to Premier this year in New York, but I'll be doing inventory lol. Oh well...and for those I haven't told I'm engaged! I'll be getting married this year to the man I've loved for a uber long time...sooo excited. I got engaged on December 6th after we finished decorating the Christmas tree. He did great! SO EXCITED! Have a fun week everyone!