Monday, November 2, 2009

did you feel the switch?

I'm sooo sad that Halloween is over! I love love LOVE Halloween and always have. This year I passed out candy with my mom and we watched old "scary" movies. It was great. I wasn't that big into going out this year, but always love to hang with my mom. The boyfriend and I also found time to head out to Uncle John's Cider Mill. It was a great time to be had by all. I think I possibly rubbed off on my guy this year because he was carving pumpkins to his little hearts content. I did one he did three...kinda put me to some holiday shame. Once Halloween ended you could feel the switch in the air! I was even more pumped to get this Holiday out this week. I was already excited, but now I'm talking fast...which I think make a lot of people sad, because it probably makes their heads want to explode...hehehehe

my haunted house...yes it's a house

paul's cool pumpkin peeking through the blinds

paul's scarecrow jealous!

paul's other pumpkin

 I've been hard at work getting holiday ready to drop this week. My poor intern who is very anxious to help out and see what the designs are is hard at work getting her learn on. Anyways! I'm just taking a small break before I go back to the "funness" of cutting out the patterns. Look for Holiday to drop this week, I'm going to be a busy busy bee. I also bought a new pilates dvd so we will see how that works out for me seeing that I really don't like pilates. But I also don't like the extra love I'm carrying around either lol. Well enough procrastination I'm back to the sewing room...

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May Kasahara said...

the scarecrow pumpkin is AWESOME.

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