Monday, October 19, 2009


    Eileen(most awesomest intern) has brought to my attention, that I've been neglecting the blog lately...This is bad! I've been running around trying to finalize somethings, as well as put things in place.  It will all turn out well. I am going to be printing the pics for my portfolio later as well as putting the paperwork together inside WOOO! So hopefully soon you'll see an updated website and logo. I'm sooooo excited.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

the deal...

well I know that I've been away for awhile, but I told myself I had to so make sure I got done what needed to be done. SOOOO to let you all know what I've been up to, I've been reworking my business plan. Now am I completely finished?...well no...however I have finished the most important parts. So now all I have left is a summary and my intern will look at it this Wednesday to make sure I didn't get off topic lol. I have a tendency to rant and babble on like a giant this time when I was a church camp...hehehehe.

I went out to Chicago with the man toy to visit my old stomping ground. Yes it was only for a year and a half, but I miss it soo. I made a dress that morning (2am to be exact) to where there. It is actually kind of a sneak peek to the holiday line. It will have a bit of a different twist however. So I went to my friend Anastasia Chatzka's shop. It's amazing. I love the decor! It was sooo inspiring. She is doing so many great things right now so keep a look out for her. Then I went to Schaumburg and visited some old friends there as well.

please forgive the rolls...I was very blotted...tmi I know ^_^

The best part of my whole trip besides the spontaneous picnic my boyfriend at my favorite park. ugh it was sooooo great. Even though we had to eat in the car because the rain didn't let up. So after the rain stopped we took a walk in the park...hehehee. However back to the best part...on the way to Anastasia's store on Division street it was ohhhh so very windy. And since I don't really wear skirts or dresses that often I kind of forgot ohhh be careful of the gusts lol. Well lets just say next time I'm going to charge for the goodies that the CHI got to see. boyfriend however couldn't stop laughing and smirking to save his life. All in all though a fantastic time!

Paul(the boyfriend)and I went to the new casino today...I lost 20 bucks :*( . Paul won 90 bucks though...lucky...I pouted. I got to play with a new kitty though and that made up for it. She is sooo cute! I love the feeling of kitty paws lol...what did you do this weekend?