Tuesday, September 8, 2009

taking steps

Sorry I've been away. I've been trying to stay mostly chilled during my time off. It's necessary trust me! I got my stitches out Friday, and I can now put on shows to keep down my swelling and wear sandals at night to relax. I have an appointment with the Dr. on Friday so they can take a look to make sure things are going well. Anyways, Masa Yume has been going threw some changes and growths. I am building a stronger brand and trying to get my designs out the way the are meant to come across. I'm happy to know such great people that are just as creative, if not more so, that are so helpful and smart. By next year sometime Masa Yume will be a bigger brand than it is now, and finding more ways to creep happily into your yummy closets, BWAH HA HA! Enjoy the below look!

Well, I still have a bunch of fun stuff left for the week. I am going to the bridal store to see my friend try on gowns. Apparently there are a lot of weddings next year ^_^ hehehe. Sad parts of my day were when I found out my friend Soojin is hopefully moving, my toe is VERY unhappy, and the mosquito bite under my eye itches horrible. It looks like I haven't slept in days. OH well, upside my new hair do is todo hehehe. Yeah I know...Later Loves!


*~kAy~* said...

so nice to know that your stitches are out :)
please take care! <3
Good luck with your designs :) you seem like a very determined and motivated person! <3

thanks for your comment btw :) haha.. made me smile :)

Masa Yume said...

lol thanks for your well wishes ^_^ and for stoping by...

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