Monday, August 17, 2009

with a greatness...

Hello all! The show happened last night and OMGoodness... It was sooo crazy but in a good way. I'm so happy that people were able to make it out. Thanks to all that were able to come out and support Masa Yume. Thanks also to my sponsors who were absolutely amazing. Michigan's Next Top Model for their fabulous models, Klever Design and Printing for the fabulous business cards, The Highway Press for the FANTASTICAL totes, Busog for the oh so amazing tees, and last but NOT least Vintage Prodigy. I'm so excited. People really liked the line, and after seeing it come together it was sooo nice.

Thank you to by bf as well for putting up with my crankiness. As the day came closer and closer I slept less and less. SO there will be pics from the new line to come, and I will be posting them on my etsy soon as well. But I did happen to take a few pictures of the festivities so please enjoy them. Hehehe!

I will have to upload a pic of my new business cards from Klever Design and Printing. It is the STUFF!

Enjoying her new bag from The Highway Press



Darryl of Vintage Prodigy LOVING his new Busog shirt!

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