Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Ok! So I've been away for a very long time. I'm oh so sorry. I've been plugging away in the sewing room being up for 24 hours if need be. I still have three more to go, but that will be done on Thursday. Which gives me some much needed time to clean my apartment overnight and sleep. The fitting was yesterday and it went pretty well I think. The three that I didn't get to fit I already know who's wearing what and they will come to me for the fitting, which is always shiny.

After 2 monsters and a couple naps(so I didn't literally sew my fingers. almost happened twice) and being up since Monday 8:30am, I was helped a lot on Tuesday. My boyfriend drove my model Sara and myself down to Royal Oak for the fitting. After getting helped from the other fabulous designer, Luminita Popa, we headed home. I'm not fully recovered from this sewing adventure so please forgive me if I repeat myself. When we got back my boyfriend made sure I ate and tucked me into bed. I know very sweet right?...Well it's the only way he knew that I wouldn't stay up and check blogs and watch t.v. all night lol. Oh Oh! My intern is back from Ireland. I got a text message as soon as she touched down in New York. Woot!

Eileen hard at work before her trip to Ireland

There are none me, because I look oh so very less than sexy when I sew. I don't even look okay lol. I get all frustrated because I don't think I go fast enough so it's not a good look. Trust ont that ^_^. I'll be back to blog in the next few days. I still have the accessories and finishing touches to do, just for starters lol. So although the sewing will be almost finished there is still more. I'm so happy to have Eileen and my friend Soojin to help me.

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