Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fashion Show Goodness...SPONSORS!

So folks the show is in a few days! Nervousssssss! lol The fabulous totes for The Highway Press in Detroit came in the other day. I just got my hands on them today, because my fantastical friend Soojin picked them up for me. Marvelous! Photos for that to come.

So I am sponsored by the most AWESOME people in all the land at Michigan's Next Top Model, Vintage Prodigy, Busog, The Highway Press, Klever Design and Printing ,and Nya Nti Creative.

Thank you so much to my sponsors for helping to make this happen! I will post pics after the show! Also if you want to go please email as soon as possible.


*~kAy~* said...

congratulations!!! <3
this sounds pretty exciting!

Masa Yume said...

thanks! I hope to have pictures soon ^_^

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