Saturday, July 11, 2009


I'm sorry I've been MIA for so long. I've been trying to figure out the whole "fun" fabric situation. Ugh it's been glorious may I say. So now with that figured out its on bitches! I got my shipment of socks in so look forward to some oh so sexy socks to come. Yes that IS what I said. Also, Masa Yume has finally gotten a reliable intern. Her name is Eileen! I met her at Macy's and her D.I.Y. vest caught my eye.

After talking and perhaps being creepy for five minutes, I gave her my card. She will be with me as I take this leap into 121 yards of fabric. Yes folks that's a lot and that's not even all of it. hehehehe...when I see fabric I get breathless, stutter, drool, and my brain stops making complete thoughts or sentences. There is so many things going on I just can't help myself. OH! and the Exclusive Fashion Show is now on August 8th. It will be Masa Yume and La Vie Fashions showing their fall/winter fashion. We'll I have to get back to the lovely pieces so talk to ya'll soon!


Eileen said...

You weren't that creepy, promise!

Harmony Jackson said...

can't wait!!!

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