Saturday, July 25, 2009

quick post before i'm seen...

I was just stopping by to give a quick update before my boyfriend sees me and yells at me for not using the sewing machine instead of the computer. He's sick right now so he's especially grumpy (grrr...). SO! I still have 10 outfits and a jacket left to do by thursday before work lol! AHHHHH! If I do two outfits a day I might be able to get by. I will need lots and lots of coffee. SO anyways, after fixing the fabric snaffu and figuring out it's plans I feel a bunch better, and have been going at it full force.

So when I left work today I was walking to my car, and I see three girls. I smile (cause that's what I do to EVERYONE)and I go to get in my car. But they start to wave at me like they know me and I was like ummmmm. I looked behind me and found yes they were in fact looking at me. So they say hi and I say hi. They wanted to know how to get to Meijer. I was like well it's right across the street. They kinda did a deer in headlight look at me. Grand River is a very busy street, so I offered to give them a ride across the street only if they were okay with that. They agreed and were very sweet. I asked where they were from and they are from China. I was like great! I greated them in Mandarin and took them across the street. They asked me about taxis and why they weren't circling the mall. I explained Michigan doesn't really do that a lot(^_^). So they asked me questions in the car about heroes.

They asked me who my hero was (MOMMY), and what was the last movie I watched that had heroes in it. Now that took me a minute because I haven't been out at all with the fashion show and looking for sponsors and whatever. So I told them Batman and I like James Bond. I got a look of ummm who's James Bond lol. Well then in Mandarin (because I looovvvveee Drama's) I told them ling ling chee. Now that is sooooo spelled wrong, but you get me. They asked my I spoke so well and if I've been to China. Anyways I found them numbers for a taxi and how to find info free. So that's it. LONNNNNNGGGG and I know it lol. Well, I have to go sew I have to have at LEAST a full outfit and a half done before midnight...>_< Btw I do have an anime and drama blog if you're interested. I just am still trying not to put spoilers in it...That might not happen lol. Its Anime Drama Junkie Have a good week. ^_^

I hope to be back by the end of the week so wish me luck I'm going in...


Miss K. You said...

Hello :) thanks for following my blog! That's cool that you can make clothes, may I ask if it's just a hobby? It seems like you have a deadline for them.. And wow you're so kind to help out some strangers! Not that I wouldn't but I can't remember the last time I spent quality time with strangers outside of school =p

Masa Yume said...

I like your blog :D thank you for following mine as well. As for your question, I'm a fashion designer ^_^. I'm making my fall/winter '09 line and I have a show on August 15th. Yeah I thought my mom was going to strangle me because "it's not safe". She has a point, but if I get lost in China I want help lol.

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