Friday, July 17, 2009

now for part one of the main event...

Okay! Finally! After numerous calls and countless disappoints... its here. A 70lbs box of a multiple array of fabrics. Yes! The poor UPS guy...I saw him and pretty much jumped on him like a golden retriever welcoming home its pet lol. I then saw how much strain the guy, who happened to be like 55+ years old, and let him carry it to my apartment which is on the top floor...yeah, yeah I know but it looked so heavy. So I opened the package I've been waiting weeks for, and shiny...I've been very stressed out the last few weeks dealing with something that shouldn't have taken this long. Then I see shiny fabrics...I was freaking out.

I kinda still am. But I don't have time to send it back, and after being reassured by Soojin and my neighborhood Jo-Ann Fabrics employee, I can breathe. Plus things happen for a reason and I know what I can do sooooo no worries. I will start sewing tonight. SO folks it begins. In a week and a half to two weeks, there are going to be 16 outfits with the help of my intern Eileen and my friend Shakia. I will be on occasionally to keep my sanity, and if my boyfriend doesn't see me sneak away from the machine ^_^. Enjoy the pics of my shipment lol 124 yards of fabric baby! Oh yeah stay tuned to my sponsor post. I have the best sponsors for the event and swag bag goodness. They have a great products for everyones enjoyment ^_^ hehehehe.


Mrs.Zeus said...

Ohhh wow, LOTS of fabrics!!!
What are you gonna do with 'em???
I wanna know, and I am staying in tune!


Masa Yume said...

The fabric is for my fall/winter '09 line. There will be a fashion show on August 8th. ^_^

Harmony Jackson said...

i wish i could help, looks like fun:) i take it it wasn't supposed to be shiny? lol, it'll be fabulous cuz your making it, no worries:)

*~kAy~* said...

wow! 16 outfits in a lil over a week!!! that sounds like a lot of work! i wish you good luck! <3

Masa Yume said...

lol thanks! well now since the other designer had something come up that couldn't be moved the show has been moved to the 15th. moved for the LAST time lol. So I have til the 30th lol. I know not a lot more time, but better than nothing lol. ^_^ it is a lot of work though hehehe

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