Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day!

I hope everyone is having a great 4th of July weekend! I just got back from watching some oh so marvelous fireworks. Ugh they were great! Full with people setting off their own in the parking lot and the police coming in minutes to tell them to "stop it." As well as some very random man who kept yelling during the show,"I love Michigan...Yeah Michigan!" Ahhh feel the love for your home state! Anyways. I got to spend time with my love and my love's sister and daughter. It was a great time. I love getting to spend time with those I care for a great deal. Take the time to say hello to those you love and spend some much needed resting at least for the day. Below I put a look for a fun Independence day look. Less this weekend is more since their is so much red, white, and blue. Enjoy your weekend! Talk to you all soon!

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