Saturday, July 25, 2009

quick post before i'm seen...

I was just stopping by to give a quick update before my boyfriend sees me and yells at me for not using the sewing machine instead of the computer. He's sick right now so he's especially grumpy (grrr...). SO! I still have 10 outfits and a jacket left to do by thursday before work lol! AHHHHH! If I do two outfits a day I might be able to get by. I will need lots and lots of coffee. SO anyways, after fixing the fabric snaffu and figuring out it's plans I feel a bunch better, and have been going at it full force.

So when I left work today I was walking to my car, and I see three girls. I smile (cause that's what I do to EVERYONE)and I go to get in my car. But they start to wave at me like they know me and I was like ummmmm. I looked behind me and found yes they were in fact looking at me. So they say hi and I say hi. They wanted to know how to get to Meijer. I was like well it's right across the street. They kinda did a deer in headlight look at me. Grand River is a very busy street, so I offered to give them a ride across the street only if they were okay with that. They agreed and were very sweet. I asked where they were from and they are from China. I was like great! I greated them in Mandarin and took them across the street. They asked me about taxis and why they weren't circling the mall. I explained Michigan doesn't really do that a lot(^_^). So they asked me questions in the car about heroes.

They asked me who my hero was (MOMMY), and what was the last movie I watched that had heroes in it. Now that took me a minute because I haven't been out at all with the fashion show and looking for sponsors and whatever. So I told them Batman and I like James Bond. I got a look of ummm who's James Bond lol. Well then in Mandarin (because I looovvvveee Drama's) I told them ling ling chee. Now that is sooooo spelled wrong, but you get me. They asked my I spoke so well and if I've been to China. Anyways I found them numbers for a taxi and how to find info free. So that's it. LONNNNNNGGGG and I know it lol. Well, I have to go sew I have to have at LEAST a full outfit and a half done before midnight...>_< Btw I do have an anime and drama blog if you're interested. I just am still trying not to put spoilers in it...That might not happen lol. Its Anime Drama Junkie Have a good week. ^_^

I hope to be back by the end of the week so wish me luck I'm going in...

Friday, July 17, 2009

now for part one of the main event...

Okay! Finally! After numerous calls and countless disappoints... its here. A 70lbs box of a multiple array of fabrics. Yes! The poor UPS guy...I saw him and pretty much jumped on him like a golden retriever welcoming home its pet lol. I then saw how much strain the guy, who happened to be like 55+ years old, and let him carry it to my apartment which is on the top floor...yeah, yeah I know but it looked so heavy. So I opened the package I've been waiting weeks for, and shiny...I've been very stressed out the last few weeks dealing with something that shouldn't have taken this long. Then I see shiny fabrics...I was freaking out.

I kinda still am. But I don't have time to send it back, and after being reassured by Soojin and my neighborhood Jo-Ann Fabrics employee, I can breathe. Plus things happen for a reason and I know what I can do sooooo no worries. I will start sewing tonight. SO folks it begins. In a week and a half to two weeks, there are going to be 16 outfits with the help of my intern Eileen and my friend Shakia. I will be on occasionally to keep my sanity, and if my boyfriend doesn't see me sneak away from the machine ^_^. Enjoy the pics of my shipment lol 124 yards of fabric baby! Oh yeah stay tuned to my sponsor post. I have the best sponsors for the event and swag bag goodness. They have a great products for everyones enjoyment ^_^ hehehehe.

Monday, July 13, 2009

bored out my tree...

AHHHH! I've been working on pieces from the line and now I'm out of stuff to do until my fabric gets here. I'm a very bored person right now. Which I guess is a good thing if you think about it. Seeing that when the fabric does get here I'm going to be working constantly. I'll be sewing, working, working, sewing, and nap...hehehe. Which is fine. I love what I do. I just got a new part time job so hence why I had to say working twice. I'm usually a girl with a lot on my plate sooo nothing new really. I will be pretty much unreachable unless you call me, and don't mind the noise that a sewing machine will make :). So today I did a look. Sorry I've been slacking on that.

This is just a nice fun look. I love it because all the fun accessories that you can put with it. Since the shirt doesn't have any prints on it, but instead has a flouncy sleeve I can put more accessories with it. The great thing about this look is the cool owl necklace can also be changed out for any piece of DSK Jewelry. The best part right now is that DSK Jewelry is having a giveaway. Stop by DSK Jewelry to learn more about your chances to win a piece of marvelous jewelry.

I wish I actually owned that outfit. I would so rock it out! Alright I have to get back to work to make sure that my fabric is on its way. I'll try to come back soon lol! Wish me luck and hope I don't sew my's happened before (thank goodness it was a home machine and not the industrial one I have now...ouch). I have a fun day enjoy the weather and a pool!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


I'm sorry I've been MIA for so long. I've been trying to figure out the whole "fun" fabric situation. Ugh it's been glorious may I say. So now with that figured out its on bitches! I got my shipment of socks in so look forward to some oh so sexy socks to come. Yes that IS what I said. Also, Masa Yume has finally gotten a reliable intern. Her name is Eileen! I met her at Macy's and her D.I.Y. vest caught my eye.

After talking and perhaps being creepy for five minutes, I gave her my card. She will be with me as I take this leap into 121 yards of fabric. Yes folks that's a lot and that's not even all of it. hehehehe...when I see fabric I get breathless, stutter, drool, and my brain stops making complete thoughts or sentences. There is so many things going on I just can't help myself. OH! and the Exclusive Fashion Show is now on August 8th. It will be Masa Yume and La Vie Fashions showing their fall/winter fashion. We'll I have to get back to the lovely pieces so talk to ya'll soon!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day!

I hope everyone is having a great 4th of July weekend! I just got back from watching some oh so marvelous fireworks. Ugh they were great! Full with people setting off their own in the parking lot and the police coming in minutes to tell them to "stop it." As well as some very random man who kept yelling during the show,"I love Michigan...Yeah Michigan!" Ahhh feel the love for your home state! Anyways. I got to spend time with my love and my love's sister and daughter. It was a great time. I love getting to spend time with those I care for a great deal. Take the time to say hello to those you love and spend some much needed resting at least for the day. Below I put a look for a fun Independence day look. Less this weekend is more since their is so much red, white, and blue. Enjoy your weekend! Talk to you all soon!