Saturday, June 20, 2009

on a saturday night...saturday night!

I'm at home, but it doesn't mean that the world is. We can't all be stuck at home watching MADTV waiting to pass out on the couch...hehehe. I know I need to get out more...meh. I did a fun look with black and golds. I love color as we all know so I had to do some green eye shadow. 'Cause GREEN is my favorite col ah (singing Pink by Aerosmith). Paired with sweet bermuda shorts, hot sexy like heels, and strut down the street. Instead of during a purse I did a small wallet. This is not normal for me since I would use a medium sized suitcase as a purse. My boyfriend makes fun of me all the time about it...moving on...

Basically you have a fun look for a night with friends. Be it drinking, dinner, or dancing. Warning: Do you attempt dancing if you can not walk in heels. Doing so may result in embarrassment because you fell on your butt. As well as looks of shock, gasp, and "OMGosh no way"s. So please drink and dance responsibly. By the way side note, my friend Soojin will be blogging soon. She's a busy gal, but fun and hilarious so it's something we can all look forward too ^_^! I'm off to watch some anime, I have so many going I have to keep a list of which anime and what episode I'm on in a notebook. I'm falling behind in Bleach and that is unacceptable 205 out off 223 is NOT okay hehehe. Oyasuminasi...(goodnight)

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