Thursday, June 18, 2009

for the love of fashion, fun, and jewelry...

So yesterday was exhausting! But I loved it! I am having a show on August 1st. I don't want to call it a fashion show, because it's not just a show. It's more of an fashion show with an intimate feel. It'll be 80 people and in Royal Oak at the Michigan Next Top Model headquarters. I'm so excited about this its AMAZING! I also got to have a very great lunch date with my friend Soojin! It was so much fun! We went boutique shopping, ate great food, and I introduced her to Oberwise. Yummiest ice creamy goodness ever! Soojin look very cute! I loved her outfit. She was wearing a grey long top with ties at the side, leggings, and flat black boots. I didn't realize how long her hair was. OMGosh I'm sooo working on getting mine that long. I enjoyed the conversation and she is hilarious. It's nice to find another nutty person. ^_^

Soojin's First Visit to Oberwise! I feel like a parent with a scrapbook ^_^heeee!

And here we have this evening a mocha blended coffee drink thingy! It was amazing!

Sorry this post is a wee bit long. So while on our trek through Royal Oak on Main St. we past this car. OMGosh we both had to take pictures. If someone opens that back door you won't find them under the rubble for a year. Insane!

By the way I was at Anthropologie a week or so ago and took this fun pic with the headband! I love this band I will eventually have to go and get it.

That was rather long wasn't it. Don't forget to stop by DSKJewelry they have a great blog as well as FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC! jewelry!


*~kAy~* said...

that is a pretty gorgeous headband! :) did you end up getting it? :)

Masa Yume said...

thank you...sadly no.

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