Tuesday, June 2, 2009


So as no one may know I a bit of a nerd...actually more geeky. ANYway! E3 started and OMGoody Goody GOODNESS! XBox 360 has done something marvelous. Now I admit, not a fan of the XBox. I'm a Playstation and Gamecube girl. Now I'm going to have to become a XBox girl. They will be coming out with a game that senses where you are. SO your movement is displayed as an avatar on the screen. Not a tiny baby avatar, but a life size on screen avatar.

With pretty cool exercise games designed to make sure your not on the couch and actually going for the red animated ball coming towards your face, down to the interactive painting you can do. :takes breath: Yes painting, they were hurling buckets, yes buckets! paint to help come up with the picture they wanted (no actual metally buckets needed to accomplish this).

But the best part of this painting things is that you can take a picture of what you want to add to your painting with the fun Neval(?) that knows what your movements are. OH OH OH and a actual avatar that stays "alive" in your game. You can interact with him too. That I will say is rather creepy. But upside, they have the fastest scanner I've ever seen! Okay now I need to calm myself cause I'm all riled up and ready to buy. Well I know this post is rather long and not fashion oriented, but hey I'm geeky and need to let it out!

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