Tuesday, June 30, 2009

i have to go back?..awwwhh

Sorry it's been a while since my last blog. I had the last four days off from my 40hour and took that time to a lot of stuff that I've been trying to work on. Mainly working on the August 1st show. It's going to be all types of awesome and some great people will be attending. If anyone is interested in going please let me know. So anyways, I cancelled my trip to New York finding that the people said they would send me swatches i.e. more money going towards my fabric. SOOO EXCITED! Also I heard of another wholesale fabric place in Michigan and went to Warren to find out about it. But when I get there they are only open wed-sat! UGH!

I live a good 1 and 30 away from there, plus the other designer I was suppose to go with couldn't go last minute as I was my way to her house to pick her up. It took me almost 3 hours to get there. Very happy about that! The designer totally had a family thing that she forgot about so it's not like its a big deal. My day was salvaged by my awesome friends at Michigan's Next Top Model and Soojin. I was able to talk to Soojin for a bit and I ate lunch with the ladies from MNTM. Yummy Thai! So anyways the show is coming along rather well. We are going to have some great goodies in the Swag bag. I'll take pictures once I get everything together, and tell you what each piece is. That way you can salavate and go oohh and ahhhh. LOL!

Anyways, I go back to work tomorrow and I just got a part time as well. So needless to say til the show I'm going to be verrry busy. I have my swatches coming so I will be a jedi ninja(hehehehe) for the next 20 days making everything and possibly havign to be dragged from my sewing room. Don't worry folks...I'm a During the other show I did last year I had to make 21 pieces in 30 days, so YES it can be done. >_< I'm just going to have to make sure I ask Soojin to make sure I take water breaks lol!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

its way to hot...

ugh. So no one will be surprised to hear that I HATE summer! It's way to hot for me. I'm a spring and fall sort of girl. The seasons to were it's not to hot or too cold. It's not at all attractive when you're trying to put your pants on and it so hot and sticky that you can't really pull of your pants without a fight...just saying. So that aside I am planning to go New York here soon. I hope that I actually can get it together so that I can go get my fall fabric. It may be a little late season wise, but trust me the new line...wellllll worth the wait. I also want to look into possibly getting a studio. I love the whole wake up and it's there sort of thing, but I would love it even more if it wasn't. I'm not opposed to sleeping on a futon on those nights that I'm to tired to drive home. So it's up in the air and well see. Plus with the show coming up and things starting to move forward (Lord and paper will ;D) I can't have potential clients traipsing threw my apartment. I wouldn't want to put them threw that :D. It's not messy, but it's uncomfortable when it's someone elses home and you've never been before. So you never know if there is a masked murderer in the closet waiting to treat you like you just had sex at summer camp.(Horror film "JASON" reference and long winded) SO onto the look.

I'm not a summer gal clearly, but for those who wear shorts in this horrific weather, here is a way to still look oh so foxy with not a lot on. The makeup is just real simple. The lipgloss from Prescriptives has glitter in it and it smells ohhhh so nice. Then of course the MAC blot powder. It comes in loose and pressed. I love it. I get sweaty and it eats it like candy woot! I really don't like looking sweaty even if I am. I actually put it on atop the MAC mineral press powder and although my friend at MAC, Alisha said you can't really tell the diff. I could. I applied the mineral with look fantastic with the sponge then brushed on the blot powder. Try it yourself and tell me if you notice the difference. Well I have an early day. Enjoy your day tomorrow so I can vicariously live through you! ^_^

Saturday, June 20, 2009

on a saturday night...saturday night!

I'm at home, but it doesn't mean that the world is. We can't all be stuck at home watching MADTV waiting to pass out on the couch...hehehe. I know I need to get out more...meh. I did a fun look with black and golds. I love color as we all know so I had to do some green eye shadow. 'Cause GREEN is my favorite col ah (singing Pink by Aerosmith). Paired with sweet bermuda shorts, hot sexy like heels, and strut down the street. Instead of during a purse I did a small wallet. This is not normal for me since I would use a medium sized suitcase as a purse. My boyfriend makes fun of me all the time about it...moving on...

Basically you have a fun look for a night with friends. Be it drinking, dinner, or dancing. Warning: Do you attempt dancing if you can not walk in heels. Doing so may result in embarrassment because you fell on your butt. As well as looks of shock, gasp, and "OMGosh no way"s. So please drink and dance responsibly. By the way side note, my friend Soojin will be blogging soon. She's a busy gal, but fun and hilarious so it's something we can all look forward too ^_^! I'm off to watch some anime, I have so many going I have to keep a list of which anime and what episode I'm on in a notebook. I'm falling behind in Bleach and that is unacceptable 205 out off 223 is NOT okay hehehe. Oyasuminasi...(goodnight)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

for the love of fashion, fun, and jewelry...

So yesterday was exhausting! But I loved it! I am having a show on August 1st. I don't want to call it a fashion show, because it's not just a show. It's more of an fashion show with an intimate feel. It'll be 80 people and in Royal Oak at the Michigan Next Top Model headquarters. I'm so excited about this its AMAZING! I also got to have a very great lunch date with my friend Soojin! It was so much fun! We went boutique shopping, ate great food, and I introduced her to Oberwise. Yummiest ice creamy goodness ever! Soojin look very cute! I loved her outfit. She was wearing a grey long top with ties at the side, leggings, and flat black boots. I didn't realize how long her hair was. OMGosh I'm sooo working on getting mine that long. I enjoyed the conversation and she is hilarious. It's nice to find another nutty person. ^_^

Soojin's First Visit to Oberwise! I feel like a parent with a scrapbook ^_^heeee!

And here we have this evening a mocha blended coffee drink thingy! It was amazing!

Sorry this post is a wee bit long. So while on our trek through Royal Oak on Main St. we past this car. OMGosh we both had to take pictures. If someone opens that back door you won't find them under the rubble for a year. Insane!

By the way I was at Anthropologie a week or so ago and took this fun pic with the headband! I love this band I will eventually have to go and get it.

That was rather long wasn't it. Don't forget to stop by DSKJewelry they have a great blog as well as FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC! jewelry!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

WOOOO! One Lovely Blog Award!

Well I just pretty much got home from a loooongggg and eventful day. I spent the day in Royal Oak for the most part. Had lunch with my friend Soojin (by the way I loved her outfit!), and went to Michigan's Next Top Model to look at it as a venue for the show coming on August 1st. I will tell more about that later and my fun time in Royal Oak. SO point being I come home look at my blog and get all giddy 'cause now I have 3 followers. I'm pretty easy to make happy ask anyone! Show me something sparkly and I'm sooooo there. I checked my comments from today and found Arts Desire - Fused Glass Jewelry has chosen me to receive the One Lovely Blog Award! Imagine my squealing excitement as I found that someone left me a comment AND I actually received an award! Thanks Arts Desire - Fused Glass Jewelry!

Here are the rules:

1) Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.

2) Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

These are the great blogs I am passing the award on to:

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

trekking though the oak...

With all that is currently going on with Masa Yume, I'm trekking along like a starship trooper. (hehehehe I'm a closet geek...well was). Anywho There is a lot of new things coming along and in the works. I will be going to New York asap for a fabric trip. Also I will be in Royal Oak tomorrow looking at the venue for the fashion show at the end of July and having a long awaited lunch with a friend of mine. I'm so excited about this fall line and finally being able to have it produced. It's amazing and different from what people usually see from me. You'll just have to stay tuned to see what all the hub bub is about...soooo worth it. ^_^

So for the look of today I went with a casual and stylish look. I was running around a lot at work today, and found myself thinking "I wish I wouldn't have worn this t-shirt". But this is if you have a ton of things to do but want to look pretty nice doing so. On my days off I wear heels. They are not very functional to wear while I'm at work. So since my feet are not as use to them as they used to be, I pack a pair of flip flops in my purse for comfort =). Rock on tomorrow!

Monday, June 15, 2009


Well, I finally poked my head up from the sewing machine to find out that 5 hours had past....oops. I was all into the dress I was making for a friend of mine. Now I get to relax, watch some anime (or play sims haven't decided) then go to bed. It was a great weekend to have off and spend with family and work on just Masa Yume. Since I have a 40hour I work when I get home on my fashion line. So I'm constantly moving ^_^. Oh I forgot to mention I got a new doo. I love it! I will post pictures later. The fall line is coming along and I'm very excited. Look forward to a completely different style than the first line. It will still have color but it is out of the box and its FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC! Stay tuned there are a lot of things coming. I think I'll watch anime. NIGHT!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

so pretty outside...

It's sooo gorgeous outside. If you are able to go outside and play here's an idea of what you could wear. Fun and great color with a soft face and polish. Enjoy the day guys!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

brunch anyone...

After procrastinating a good amount I will be pulling an all nighter. Yeah, go me! So tonight I will begin on a lovely evening gown for a friend of mine and still some yummy planning to do. I will be having a fashion show for my fall line, so there's lots of fun stuff to do. Anyways on to the look of the day ^_^. For anyone wondering what to wear to a fun brunch out with the girls. Its fun with slight color, but major color on the nails. I'm a person who loves color so I had to have it somewhere =D

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fun and Fancy Free

This is a new thing that I will be doing. I will be posting new looks hopefully daily, if not every other day =D

Monday, June 8, 2009


Hey all I also have my sample sale going! Stop buy and get most things for 50% off. That's such a great deal. Especially for one of a kind pieces. Stop buy etsy and get your great piece of amazing clothing. Masa Yume Sample Sale WOOT! Get it while it lasts!

big apple like goodness

Well folks. It's off to the big apple. Yes Masa Yume is going to New York next week. I am meeting with some wholesalers so I can get an even better quality of fabric. I'm soo excited. There are a lot of things starting to happen for Masa Yume. I also am planning a fall fashion show as well with Sue of Zaynini. This is going to be an amazing year. Look for my new improved website as well. I hope it will be done in the next few weeks here. I am also hoping to add another designer to the show as well. More to come

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


So as no one may know I a bit of a nerd...actually more geeky. ANYway! E3 started and OMGoody Goody GOODNESS! XBox 360 has done something marvelous. Now I admit, not a fan of the XBox. I'm a Playstation and Gamecube girl. Now I'm going to have to become a XBox girl. They will be coming out with a game that senses where you are. SO your movement is displayed as an avatar on the screen. Not a tiny baby avatar, but a life size on screen avatar.

With pretty cool exercise games designed to make sure your not on the couch and actually going for the red animated ball coming towards your face, down to the interactive painting you can do. :takes breath: Yes painting, they were hurling buckets, yes buckets! paint to help come up with the picture they wanted (no actual metally buckets needed to accomplish this).

But the best part of this painting things is that you can take a picture of what you want to add to your painting with the fun Neval(?) that knows what your movements are. OH OH OH and a actual avatar that stays "alive" in your game. You can interact with him too. That I will say is rather creepy. But upside, they have the fastest scanner I've ever seen! Okay now I need to calm myself cause I'm all riled up and ready to buy. Well I know this post is rather long and not fashion oriented, but hey I'm geeky and need to let it out!