Saturday, May 16, 2009

Im in love with Nordstroms!

Yesterday I went down to Detroit with a friend of mine. After Yolanda and I didn't find what she was looking at in the shop in Detroit we got a weeee bit lost on the way back to Lansing. HA! So I just decided to go home instead. On the way to Lansing we stopped at Twelve Oaks Mall instead of wasting a trip. We had a great time. I am now officially in love with Nordstroms. I tried on fabulous shoes (felt bad cause I didn't buy any after making her work). I went to Teavana and I've loved their tea since my stint in the Chicago burbs. Oh and Nordstroms cafe is amazing. Its not like the crap in the cases you point to what you want, and its been sitting there all day. It was made to order fresh and amazing. After some lovely Mediterranean soup we had desert it was yummy. ^_^ White Chocolate Bread Pudding! Ughh! ^_^ So I'm not a big makeup person to begin with. After seeing these photos I should get into it a bit more hehehe.

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