Wednesday, May 27, 2009

the newest member of Masa Yume!

I would like to give a welcome and shout out to Shajuan, Masa Yume's new intern! I'm sooooo excited! She is an amazing person with a good head on her fashion loving shoulders. She is originally from Cleveland, OH and will blogging as well. I hope that she can add some flavor to the Masa Yume blog. So give love! More to come!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

start to a perfect day...

so today at 5:30 in the morning I started the day out in a weird like back pain. I'm fine right now, nothing a good pain reliever couldn't fix. But the sad part is that I have been put on rest by my mother and boyfriend. Dangit! I really could be sewing right now in a euphoric trance, but I don't have a chair with proper back support =D. SO anyways I was still somewhat eventful today. I set up my new shop on Etsy. I had signed up and everything for it earlier this month, but haven't really taken the final step of posting anything. So now I have and you should visit Masa Yume. It's not the whole spring line, but it's a good start. So take a look. It's the shop I'll be rockin with. I will probably post tomorrow sooo I'm off to bed.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

love is in the air

This weekend the bliss of love was in the air. My cousin Tatiana got married to her new husband Donny. Of course I took many pictures because I was cuter than normal as well. I say this because I normally don't wear accessories, due to the lovely allergic reaction I have to things not real. I can't wear fake gold, silver, or stainless steel. Anyways, while getting ready for the wedding, I realized that my neck was just bland, and open canvas. So I asked my mom to borrow one of her pieces while she was running out the door with the wedding potatoes (best dish in the world). After I heard "take what you want" I went with it. I found this beautiful gold necklace and didn't care if I would break out from it(which I haven't)see pics below.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Im in love with Nordstroms!

Yesterday I went down to Detroit with a friend of mine. After Yolanda and I didn't find what she was looking at in the shop in Detroit we got a weeee bit lost on the way back to Lansing. HA! So I just decided to go home instead. On the way to Lansing we stopped at Twelve Oaks Mall instead of wasting a trip. We had a great time. I am now officially in love with Nordstroms. I tried on fabulous shoes (felt bad cause I didn't buy any after making her work). I went to Teavana and I've loved their tea since my stint in the Chicago burbs. Oh and Nordstroms cafe is amazing. Its not like the crap in the cases you point to what you want, and its been sitting there all day. It was made to order fresh and amazing. After some lovely Mediterranean soup we had desert it was yummy. ^_^ White Chocolate Bread Pudding! Ughh! ^_^ So I'm not a big makeup person to begin with. After seeing these photos I should get into it a bit more hehehe.

FGI Creative Connection

On the second Tuesday of each month FGI has a creative connection. They like to meet industry pros and new people in general. I went this last Tuesday and had a fabulous time. It was amazing to feel all the creativity around me. It's amazing! I also met some really great people as well.

Becky F.G.I director elect and I

Elizabeth Kincaid-White of F.G.I and Elizabeth's Tribute Box Collection and I

Diga Si and Masa Yume

Last week I went to spend some time with my sister Ashley a.k.a Diga Si. She was creating more amazing beats. With Diga Si you walk in the door and the first thing is,"hey wanna hear my new beat?" Of course you do though. For real its crazy that she comes up with all this music so quickly. She dabbles into all different types. I'm always moving along with the music. LOVE THE MUSIC! LOVE DIGA SI!

Diga Si and Masa Yume(me)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Fall/Winter '09 's first sponsor!

So I know I've been a bit not bloggy the last week. Yes it's a word...and yes because I said so. So anywhosenthousen...hehehe. Masa Yume's first Fall/Winter sponsor is Actress Sharon Brooks! She's in a play in Detroit called Cry Me a River. Its about the mayor Detroit. I will be going down to see the play myself in the next couple of weeks and in doing such will come back with an interview of the amazing actress doing amazing things. This will Masa Yume's first interview. So look forward to it 'cause I know I do. Thanks again to this amazing actress! WOOOO Sharon Brooks!