Friday, April 3, 2009

and the sick goes on...

so yeah. I'm sick. That would explain while I was all no energy last week. Hopefully it passes soon though. This time it won't slow down my work though. I have been doddling more than I wanted to on my draping and now I'm a bit annoyed with myself that I don't have more done. Or that I'm not done at all really...but anyways I at least got through a pattern before work. Its rainy outside today and I wanna ride my bike. I went and got my bike from my moms yesterday, and now I'm antsier than ever to ride as it sits staring at me from my dinning room. Anyways. The plan is to get through work as best I can without collapsing on the sales floor (hence why I don't wear skirts that often). LOL. I did decide however that if I finished in a good amount of time starting from today ^_^ that I would add a couple more pieces to the line. We'll see though. I also want to do some trade shows as well so we will see...Well I'm off to work. And no I'm not late lol...more to come later :cough cough gag:

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