Friday, April 10, 2009

and the beat goes on...

So this week and the last few weeks have been very...evolving. I feel that I have reached a new peek in my fashion. I have a fantastic line coming and I'm working even harder on trying to get the patterns done for the next coming and many steps. I am so blessed in everything right now. I only have 5 patterns left before I will go for sponsors. Which is what I set up for myself on when and how I would get this done. I am taking Masa Yume in this new direction that I decided on before I designed this line. I'm so excited. God willing there will be a lot of traveling and connections. As well as being put in some stores in Chicago, New York, and some Europe and Asian countries as well. I am listening to more music and looking at the world anew these days. Maybe it's the sun (most likely)lol, but hey I'm so excited. I am going to the chocolate festival in Longrove as well in May. I will get to see my bestest bud ever! I'm so excited cause I've soooo missed her. I'm back on ALL of my messengers and I just have no words for how excited I am. On the sad part I can't find my camera or my flash drive :*( very sad. Hopefully its just somewhere I should have looked for it in the first place. I am also looking forward to going back down to the creative connections in Royal Oak area. I haven't been there since the Detroit Fashion Week debacle. But a great accessory designer told me I have to get back in there. I can't help it. You put anime, music, and asian dramas in front of me and I disappear for a while. That I should probably work on. I also cleaned my closet of things that probably shouldn't have been there in the first place, but still sad and hurt to see them go. BUT eh I don't have time so these things needed to happen. SO EXCITED! Right now I'm listening to Fantastic Cat by Takako Minekawa. There was a song I was looking for called Black forest? I think. Anyways enough talking and back to work. When I finish today I'll post ^_^!

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