Tuesday, April 21, 2009

is been a while

Sorry thats been a while since I've last posted. I am running around a bit this morning to get all, I'm excited hopefully I will have a lot to blog about later. I have been posting my spring/summer line to Lookbook since I found that I can have a collection page. So take a peek its hehehe...So anyways I know its short, but I have to run.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


I wish everyone a Happy Easter! I won't be back on today to wish it so 16 minutes into the new day isn't bad. That poor easter bunny. If only he would have moved out the way a bit faster...:tisk tisk::shakes head: he wouldn't have been run over by the's not like he didn't get a warning that Jesus was coming back today. Shouldn't have been in the way...yeah I know...there's a special place yeah yeah yeah...Enjoy your Easter! hopity hop hop hopity hop hop...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

giddy like a school girl with a cookie...

FINISHED!!! Yes ^_^ I did in fact finish draping last night early on in the evening. And instead of blogging, I went straight for the anime. OH how I miss my anime! SO anyways I will start the sponsor stuff probably Sunday night after church and family things are over. That way I am prepared for Monday! I am hitting that payment in my sexist shoes and don't care if they hurt. That's why you keep flip flops in the car for in between hehehehehe. So anyways I have to work of course to day and not really looking forward to it. But I've had to much time off this week and should just go ahead and do it :D. So I'm going to finish my sweet bun and milk and get ready...

Friday, April 10, 2009

and the beat goes on...

So this week and the last few weeks have been very...evolving. I feel that I have reached a new peek in my fashion. I have a fantastic line coming and I'm working even harder on trying to get the patterns done for the next coming and many steps. I am so blessed in everything right now. I only have 5 patterns left before I will go for sponsors. Which is what I set up for myself on when and how I would get this done. I am taking Masa Yume in this new direction that I decided on before I designed this line. I'm so excited. God willing there will be a lot of traveling and connections. As well as being put in some stores in Chicago, New York, and some Europe and Asian countries as well. I am listening to more music and looking at the world anew these days. Maybe it's the sun (most likely)lol, but hey I'm so excited. I am going to the chocolate festival in Longrove as well in May. I will get to see my bestest bud ever! I'm so excited cause I've soooo missed her. I'm back on ALL of my messengers and I just have no words for how excited I am. On the sad part I can't find my camera or my flash drive :*( very sad. Hopefully its just somewhere I should have looked for it in the first place. I am also looking forward to going back down to the creative connections in Royal Oak area. I haven't been there since the Detroit Fashion Week debacle. But a great accessory designer told me I have to get back in there. I can't help it. You put anime, music, and asian dramas in front of me and I disappear for a while. That I should probably work on. I also cleaned my closet of things that probably shouldn't have been there in the first place, but still sad and hurt to see them go. BUT eh I don't have time so these things needed to happen. SO EXCITED! Right now I'm listening to Fantastic Cat by Takako Minekawa. There was a song I was looking for called Black forest? I think. Anyways enough talking and back to work. When I finish today I'll post ^_^!

Friday, April 3, 2009

and the sick goes on...

so yeah. I'm sick. That would explain while I was all no energy last week. Hopefully it passes soon though. This time it won't slow down my work though. I have been doddling more than I wanted to on my draping and now I'm a bit annoyed with myself that I don't have more done. Or that I'm not done at all really...but anyways I at least got through a pattern before work. Its rainy outside today and I wanna ride my bike. I went and got my bike from my moms yesterday, and now I'm antsier than ever to ride as it sits staring at me from my dinning room. Anyways. The plan is to get through work as best I can without collapsing on the sales floor (hence why I don't wear skirts that often). LOL. I did decide however that if I finished in a good amount of time starting from today ^_^ that I would add a couple more pieces to the line. We'll see though. I also want to do some trade shows as well so we will see...Well I'm off to work. And no I'm not late lol...more to come later :cough cough gag: