Saturday, March 28, 2009


Wow so lets see...Well I've been doing a lot lately and due to that my body said NO! LOL I have been down for a few days, but I'm not sick. My body is just uber tired. So hopefully tomorrow I can get back to work after work. Due to the down time I had to take and not by my choice I'm behind in the draping of the line. Which to me is quite annoying because I sooo could have been done by now! But anywhos I just watched state kick ass! If your not a Michigan State fan you are missing out on life lol...I'm so proud of our boys! But since I couldn't do much but lay on the couch and watch Azumanga Daioh I reworked my sponsorship proposal so hopefully God willing I will run into some sponsorship ASAP. I'm looking to have the line complete by May/June at the latest. So please continue to stop by for updates. OH BTW Utada Hikaru her album is coming out here real soon. She is trying to get into the American market. Which she has tried before, but you know how things are it didn't happen like it should have. SO she is trying again and working with producers like Tricky (LOVE HIM). I personally have been a fan of her for a long time and hope she cracks the market. I would love the oportunity to work with her in the near future too. ^_^ that would be like ^_^. I don't have words for that lol. Well I should prepare for the fun day tomorrow...well really today.

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