Thursday, March 19, 2009

green green everywhere and not where it's suppose to be....^_^

So draping is the plan. I've been draping for hours now and I think I'm going to give it a rest for the night. I will start again fresh tomorrow after my trip all over. I am making a trip to JoAnn's tomorrow since there are some nice sales going on. I was using a green marker for draping and now its all over my hand. Since I rather not go to Meijer tonight I used a water color marker...(yes, I'm clear that it's a bad idea). So now it's all over my hands like arts and crafts ^_^! After I'm done draping by the end of next week hopefully I will be starting on the construction process. That itself requires a trip to New York that I hear is oh so inspiring. The plan is drape, construct, and pictures before July. God willing everything will be done by May at the very latest. And if anyone is wondering I welcome sponsors ^_^. I'm off to bed as soon as this episode of the Avengers is over. Mrs.Peel and John Steed hehehehehe I love it. I have a love of older movies and shows, really I pretty much like all types of thing :D oh and before i forget there are some shoes that I really want...


Chinese Laundry

They are two of the many shoe labels I like...hehehe nighty night all...

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