Thursday, March 5, 2009

bwah ha ha wah ha...ha ha...ha ha ha?...hmmm

There are some great things I've been finding lately. I love the blogs I keep finding from other creative people. It gives you a sense of creativity as well. My friend said she got the music bug so I hope that she is plugging away and making it happen. I can't wait til her album comes out. I have a shop with ZenCart that is attached to my website and have been noticing a large and growing following with Esty. Now I think Esty has a pretty and navigable site and if I didn't get Zencart free with my godaddy I would go there. So any ways I digress...I have lots to do. I have things to crank out, I cleaned my much needed to be cleaned apartment yesterday.

I haven't been home as much lately so it's been let go a bit. But its clean and shinny now. I have a balcony and would like to a little table and chair out there cause I plan on doing a lot of my non-sewing work outside :D. Well once it becomes sunny. Everyone loves Michigan weather...(I couldn't begin to say that with a straight face). I also plan on picking up my old stereo. LOL. I plan on reorganizing my sewing room too. I've been putting it off for a while. And can't guarantee I will actually do it soon. LOL. But anyways. I will be draping the fall line this coming week and getting everything ready for its production! WOOT WOOT!

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