Monday, March 16, 2009

the air up there...

wow it is oh sooo beautiful outside today. My plan was to play some cards come home and work in the sewing room. I still need to finish reorganize it. But alas my card playin buddy is m.i.a. Eh these things happen. Maybe I'll was my car instead. It's beyond gorgeous. It's the type of weather to make you wanna put on a sexy pair of heels, pants, and top and frock around showing everyone what you got. So I actually will probably rollerblade, go to the library, and then...the sewing room. ^_^ sounds good to me. Oh the yeah I found a new model this weekend which makes me oooohh so happy. She's gorgeous and will go well with the other four. HEHHEHEHE! Oh plus the interview with Aimee Bischoff singer/songwriter/author will be coming soon. She's been really busy lately and doing some awesome stuff. But you'll know what's up when I finish the awaited interview. Until next time...don't get eliminated! (had to happen eventually...t.v may in fact...)

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