Saturday, March 28, 2009


Wow so lets see...Well I've been doing a lot lately and due to that my body said NO! LOL I have been down for a few days, but I'm not sick. My body is just uber tired. So hopefully tomorrow I can get back to work after work. Due to the down time I had to take and not by my choice I'm behind in the draping of the line. Which to me is quite annoying because I sooo could have been done by now! But anywhos I just watched state kick ass! If your not a Michigan State fan you are missing out on life lol...I'm so proud of our boys! But since I couldn't do much but lay on the couch and watch Azumanga Daioh I reworked my sponsorship proposal so hopefully God willing I will run into some sponsorship ASAP. I'm looking to have the line complete by May/June at the latest. So please continue to stop by for updates. OH BTW Utada Hikaru her album is coming out here real soon. She is trying to get into the American market. Which she has tried before, but you know how things are it didn't happen like it should have. SO she is trying again and working with producers like Tricky (LOVE HIM). I personally have been a fan of her for a long time and hope she cracks the market. I would love the oportunity to work with her in the near future too. ^_^ that would be like ^_^. I don't have words for that lol. Well I should prepare for the fun day tomorrow...well really today.

Monday, March 23, 2009

the hub bub...

So I finally broke down and started a twitter account. To see me all a twitter it's Anywhosen. I have been working on my fall/winter patterns and measuring my models. I have so much to do. I have been rather slacking on my day off today, but tonight will be an all nighter and a lovely 8 hr shift at work. I've been looking working hard and the line is going to be oh so fabulous! Also there are talks of doing a fashion show with another designer to show of the fall/winter items. I will let you guys know when everything is set in stone. I have also been looking for sponsorship which is such a tedious task. With the economy like is everyone's looking for the money. Oh well back to work!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

green green everywhere and not where it's suppose to be....^_^

So draping is the plan. I've been draping for hours now and I think I'm going to give it a rest for the night. I will start again fresh tomorrow after my trip all over. I am making a trip to JoAnn's tomorrow since there are some nice sales going on. I was using a green marker for draping and now its all over my hand. Since I rather not go to Meijer tonight I used a water color marker...(yes, I'm clear that it's a bad idea). So now it's all over my hands like arts and crafts ^_^! After I'm done draping by the end of next week hopefully I will be starting on the construction process. That itself requires a trip to New York that I hear is oh so inspiring. The plan is drape, construct, and pictures before July. God willing everything will be done by May at the very latest. And if anyone is wondering I welcome sponsors ^_^. I'm off to bed as soon as this episode of the Avengers is over. Mrs.Peel and John Steed hehehehehe I love it. I have a love of older movies and shows, really I pretty much like all types of thing :D oh and before i forget there are some shoes that I really want...


Chinese Laundry

They are two of the many shoe labels I like...hehehe nighty night all...

Monday, March 16, 2009

the air up there...

wow it is oh sooo beautiful outside today. My plan was to play some cards come home and work in the sewing room. I still need to finish reorganize it. But alas my card playin buddy is m.i.a. Eh these things happen. Maybe I'll was my car instead. It's beyond gorgeous. It's the type of weather to make you wanna put on a sexy pair of heels, pants, and top and frock around showing everyone what you got. So I actually will probably rollerblade, go to the library, and then...the sewing room. ^_^ sounds good to me. Oh the yeah I found a new model this weekend which makes me oooohh so happy. She's gorgeous and will go well with the other four. HEHHEHEHE! Oh plus the interview with Aimee Bischoff singer/songwriter/author will be coming soon. She's been really busy lately and doing some awesome stuff. But you'll know what's up when I finish the awaited interview. Until next time...don't get eliminated! (had to happen eventually...t.v may in fact...)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring/Summer 2009

I've decided to post the pics of the new line on the blog since my main site is still being played with a bit still ^_^ They are available for purchase at Happy Shopping!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Crap Movies

So my sister Ashley, her girlfriend Nickie, and myself are all having a seemingly fun night in. I should spend more time with her and so I am. Anywhosen (yeah that's a I put in a movie hoping it was going to be scary."the haunting of molly hartley". worst crap ever. It wasn't a scary movie and the ending (along with the rest of it) sucked as much as dirty street grate if not just a touch more...ugh! In the words of my sister "boo to that" lol. I agree. So now she is making Perogi's and playing guitar hero. Of which there are pics of frustration HA!She was playing "No One Knows" and it well...kicked her in the face. LOL! loved it! We are having a pretty decent time as well.

When the flash went off she biffed it pretty nicely and she wasn't too happy about it. But I laughed :D... Anyways With the days off I've had lately that I needed oh so desperately its helped me put in to even BIGGER prospective what I want. I just have to figure out how I can do it and have the nads needed as well. :D but more of that later. Mmmm the smell of food...yeah I'm all about it LATER!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

bwah ha ha wah ha...ha ha...ha ha ha?...hmmm

There are some great things I've been finding lately. I love the blogs I keep finding from other creative people. It gives you a sense of creativity as well. My friend said she got the music bug so I hope that she is plugging away and making it happen. I can't wait til her album comes out. I have a shop with ZenCart that is attached to my website and have been noticing a large and growing following with Esty. Now I think Esty has a pretty and navigable site and if I didn't get Zencart free with my godaddy I would go there. So any ways I digress...I have lots to do. I have things to crank out, I cleaned my much needed to be cleaned apartment yesterday.

I haven't been home as much lately so it's been let go a bit. But its clean and shinny now. I have a balcony and would like to a little table and chair out there cause I plan on doing a lot of my non-sewing work outside :D. Well once it becomes sunny. Everyone loves Michigan weather...(I couldn't begin to say that with a straight face). I also plan on picking up my old stereo. LOL. I plan on reorganizing my sewing room too. I've been putting it off for a while. And can't guarantee I will actually do it soon. LOL. But anyways. I will be draping the fall line this coming week and getting everything ready for its production! WOOT WOOT!

Monday, March 2, 2009

anticipation...anticipa a ation...

Yeah. That song just saunterd itself right in to my head and out just as quickly. LOL. Well as we all know the shoot is done and went better than expected. Which isn't true, because I know I'm naturally awesome...yeah...jussttt kiddin. Anyways Check out my myspace and my store. They will start appearing there first. And then of course I will put one into each blog. The women where amazing and did great work. For the fall/winter '09 line the models will be the same, but with the added bonus of a friend of mine that looks great and can also model like a big girl...I have soo many hot friends lol. So dont forget to check it out. and