Friday, February 20, 2009


The new photoshoot for the Spring/Summer line is today. Yes I should be in bed as someone who shall remain nameless keeps telling me ever 5 seconds. I just need a cleat lol. So I will be redoing all the pics due to blah blah blah...Anyways this shoot is going to be fun and creative. I have a fab! hair/makeup stylist Shorty doing the hair and makeup. And models Holly Shalk, Allison Howe, and Hailey Packer. Hopefully I will have a forth but it depends on if they feel better or not. Anyways! SO I have to go to bed now before I get yelled at again. I think its because I have an eye apt at 8:15am that is suppose to last 2 hours and then the shoot at 1pm and I still have errands to run in there somewhere, like getting the film and batteries. SOOO hehehehe...I'm going to bed now. More to come!

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