Sunday, February 15, 2009


Masa Yume is going threw some changes and trying to get things accomplished at the same time. So my sister Ashley (Producer Diga Si) worked out this sickkkkk beat for the home site that is going under construction. Also amongst her bountiful talent she and my dad are working on my logo. At this point whoever finishes first is going to be the logo designer lol. But I got a sneak peak at the one my sis is doin' and woot! Also the plans for New York have been put on hold, due to the lovely economy in Michigan somethings have been put on the back burner for now. I refuse to quit or stop working on Masa Yume even through this tough financial time, because besides it being the only thing I can see or want to do. But also it's a part of my life and heart. Also there is a fashion shoot happening on February 20th. I am personally doing the photos. I a terrific set of models for the shoot that was done last year. I had great Models like Krista Dawson and Hope Turner as well as a new comer Shelby Holman. Although the pictures aren't horrible, they aren't the best that I know Masa Yume can portray. SO I will be redoing all the pictures. I am hoping that the lovely ladies from the first shoot can be at the shoot Friday. I have been working on the new website myself as well. I know its been awhile since I've done a website so its gonna take a second. Other than that Masa Yume is down but not out. The new F/W line is designed and better than ever. I am happy that I did a change in target market and focus. It has made so that I can think outside my normal box and comfort zone. Look for this line to be beyond amazing.

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