Thursday, February 26, 2009

100 dance 100 songs 100 days

While looking at MADE Jewelry's blog I came across this. I think its great! LOL alot of the music I haven't heard in too long.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

An Update

Wow! Yesterday was friggin busy at well....busy. I did my eye appointment. They dilated my eyes so I was not especially visual. I got the film and such and then the camera acted like my enemy for a few pics....ugh...but i brought a back up and that helped. I am going to develop the pics tomorrow hopefully weather and work permitting. Then I need to Photo Shop like a ninja. The models were all types of awesome yesterday. Holly Schalk, Hailey Packer, and Allison Howe. AMAZING! The makeup and hair was done by friggin sweet woman named Shorty! I am very happy that I had such an all star team. I have such a busy week coming up. But I'm all about updating folks...Oh and I just finished watching Olivia Munn on Talk Show. That chick is so friggin wacky and I LOVE IT! I would love to meet her someday...more to come

Friday, February 20, 2009


The new photoshoot for the Spring/Summer line is today. Yes I should be in bed as someone who shall remain nameless keeps telling me ever 5 seconds. I just need a cleat lol. So I will be redoing all the pics due to blah blah blah...Anyways this shoot is going to be fun and creative. I have a fab! hair/makeup stylist Shorty doing the hair and makeup. And models Holly Shalk, Allison Howe, and Hailey Packer. Hopefully I will have a forth but it depends on if they feel better or not. Anyways! SO I have to go to bed now before I get yelled at again. I think its because I have an eye apt at 8:15am that is suppose to last 2 hours and then the shoot at 1pm and I still have errands to run in there somewhere, like getting the film and batteries. SOOO hehehehe...I'm going to bed now. More to come!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


So today was busier than I would have personally liked. I worked all day today and by the time I got home I passed out on the couch :D it was necessary. So the photo shoot on Friday is still a little in the works. I have this great hair and makeup artist named Shorty. Links and contact info will be available in a following blog. I also so far have two lovely models that I met during the course of "fashion week". Holly and Allison. If you are looking to model and want to join the shoot just let me know.send an email to I did pick up my logo after dropping off a few things before work. My sister did a pretty good job. It's clean, simple, with a splash of funk on it. Look for pieces to come this week. They would have been up tonight buuutttt the "smart" moments that I have occasionally I deleted it off my flash. ughhhh! So I am hoping to pick it up tomorrow again after work. hehehe. I'll never hear the end of it, she'll nag me about it forever lol. During work today I hurt my fingers and ankle, I hope that they will feel better soon...Other than that I know my friend Aimee Elisabeth is working on her album and I've gotten to hear (by the best flook ever) a bit and it's soooooooo bad ass! So look out for that coming up to!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Masa Yume Economy Sale

Masa Yume is having a Economy Sale! Stop by and check out the spring/summer line. It is amazing and so are the prices. 50% off the most beautiful pieces and colors of the season. Wanna make a statement? Wanna say have everyone wanting to know where you got that outfit or coat? How about making the whole crowd envy the hotness? Then don't forget to stop by and make it happen. Each outfit is handmade by myself. So you know you are in great hands! LOL! Don't lose out on the 50%


Masa Yume is going threw some changes and trying to get things accomplished at the same time. So my sister Ashley (Producer Diga Si) worked out this sickkkkk beat for the home site that is going under construction. Also amongst her bountiful talent she and my dad are working on my logo. At this point whoever finishes first is going to be the logo designer lol. But I got a sneak peak at the one my sis is doin' and woot! Also the plans for New York have been put on hold, due to the lovely economy in Michigan somethings have been put on the back burner for now. I refuse to quit or stop working on Masa Yume even through this tough financial time, because besides it being the only thing I can see or want to do. But also it's a part of my life and heart. Also there is a fashion shoot happening on February 20th. I am personally doing the photos. I a terrific set of models for the shoot that was done last year. I had great Models like Krista Dawson and Hope Turner as well as a new comer Shelby Holman. Although the pictures aren't horrible, they aren't the best that I know Masa Yume can portray. SO I will be redoing all the pictures. I am hoping that the lovely ladies from the first shoot can be at the shoot Friday. I have been working on the new website myself as well. I know its been awhile since I've done a website so its gonna take a second. Other than that Masa Yume is down but not out. The new F/W line is designed and better than ever. I am happy that I did a change in target market and focus. It has made so that I can think outside my normal box and comfort zone. Look for this line to be beyond amazing.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Full Steam Ahead...

The plan for the end of this month is to be in New York. I am going to meet with a Wholesaler for fabric...I guess duh huh? LOL... Well I am very excited about this and its a great step in the right direction for Masa Yume. I am going to be able to get a better quality and be able to provide a far better price to my customers. Which in itself makes me all excited and giddy. Yes GIDDY! This is going to be my first trip to New York and I hope very fun. I am trying to get my grandmother to go with me. Yes I said my granny, trust me if you met her you would want her to go with you to. She's actually one of the granny's your not ashamed to have in public with you and is so friggin cool. So naturally she has to come along for her umpteenth trip to New York. You may ask why haven't I just gone with her before just to see the city. Well dear Watson I am afraid of heights, flying, and falling. But dammit I am going! The f/w line is going great I have a few more pieces I would like to include before I call done and ready for production. I feel that I am running a bit behind, but I'm not at all worried about it. I plan to go into production of the fall line by March and it should be out by May at latest...